Centre d’Information, de Recherche et de Consultation sur les Expériences Exceptionnelles


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What is Circee ?

An international stream of research is currently developing about the study of subjective paranormal experiences, most generally referred to in the academic world as exceptional or anomalous experiences. This research aims to study and understand why and how people live them. It often has a practical use on a clinical basis, through a counselling service for those who encounter difficulties related to these experiences.

The Center of Information, Research and Counselling on Exceptional Experiences (CIRCEE) has been created in this context, by two clinical psychologists, Renaud Evrard and Thomas Rabeyron, in September 2009. There was so far no French research center working specifically on this kind of clinical approach.

Circee has as its main objective to carry out research in psychology about exceptional experiences in order to explain their psychological processes. From this point of view, it offers a counselling service dedicated to people who live exceptional experiences. This service is a place for help, therapy and research. Circee also provides large information about recent discoveries in this field of research both for media and general public.

Our approach is characterized by the will to associate strictness and openness in the study of these boundary experiences, often object of fascination and rejection. We believe there is a way for a rational approach and study along with a careful listening to those who live these experiences.