Centre d’Information, de Recherche et de Consultation sur les Expériences Exceptionnelles


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Counselling service

Circee proposes a counselling service dedicated to exceptional experiences. It is devoted to those who live paranormal experiences and who are looking for a place of information and support in order to better understand their experience. As other counseling service of this kind, Circee offers mostly interview by...

Who are we ?

Thomas Rabeyron I have a PhD in clinical psychology, I am a clinical psychologist (Master in clinical psychology, Lyon II University) and an assistant researcher at Lyon II University. I was previously PhD student at at Edinburgh University (Koestler Parapsychology Unit). My research is focused on clinical...

What is Circee ?

An international stream of research is currently developing about the study of subjective paranormal experiences, most generally referred to in the academic world as exceptional or anomalous experiences. This research aims to study and understand why and how people live them. It often has a practical use on a...