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Varieties of Anomalous Experiences 2e édition

Le terme anomalous experiences (expériences anomales) évoque la notion d’anomalie, d’irrégularité. Il est synonyme du terme « expériences exceptionnelles » dans l’important ouvrage Varieties of Anomalous Experiences : Examing the Scientific Evidence, dont l’American Psychological Association vient de faire paraître la seconde édition (Cardeña, Lynn & Krippner, 2013). Les coordinateurs de l’ouvrage – et également auteurs d’un ou plusieurs chapitres chacun – sont Etzel Cardeña, professeur de psychologie à l’Université de Lund en Suède, Stephen Jay Lynn, professeur de psychologie à l’Université d’état de New York, et Stanley Krippner, ancien professeur de psychologie, qui fut également président de l’American Psychological Association. (Une recension de la première édition est lisible ici.)

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I. Conceptual and Methodological Considerations
Introduction : Anomalous Experiences in Perspective
Etzel Cardeña, Steven Jay Lynn, and Stanley Krippner

Researching States of Consciousness and Anomalous Experiences
Etzel Cardeña and Ronald J. Pekala

Anomalous Experiences, Peculiarity, and Psychopathology
John G. Kerns, Nicole Karcher, Chitra Raghavan, and Howard Berenbaum

II. Anomalous Experiences
Synesthesia : A Teeming Multiplicity
Lawrence E. Marks

Hallucinatory Experiences
Richard P. Bentall

Lucid Dreaming : Paradoxes of Dreaming Consciousness
Stephen LaBerge

Anomalous Self and Identity Experiences
Etzel Cardeña and Carlos S. Alvarado

Alien Abduction Experiences
Stuart Appelle, Steven Jay Lynn, Leonard Newman, and Anne Malaktaris

Psi-Related Experiences
Caroline Watt and Ian Tierney

Anomalous Healing Experiences
Stanley Krippner and Jeanne Achterberg

Past-Life Experiences
Antonia Mills and Jim B. Tucker

Near-Death Experiences
Bruce Greyson

Mystical Experience
David M. Wulff

Anomalous Experiences : An Integrative Summary
Etzel Cardeña, Stanley Krippner, and Steven Jay Lynn

Présentation de l’éditeur

For much of the twentieth century, unusual perceptions and sensations, radical alterations of consciousness, and other extraordinary subjective experiences were ignored as legitimate topics of study in mainstream psychology. Recent years, however, have witnessed a burgeoning interest in the scientific study of anomalous experiences, thanks in no small part to the impact of the first edition of this book, which was published in 2000.
In this revised and thoroughly updated edition of their classic text, the editors have invited experts to provide definitive reviews and analyses of a wide range of anomalous experiences, from commonly documented sensations and perceptions like synesthesia, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and auditory and visual hallucinations, to rarer and more seemingly inexplicable experiences such as anomalous healing, past-lives, near-death, mystical experiences, and even alien abductions.
While acknowledging the difficulty inherent in studying any subjective experience, the authors nonetheless provide, along with new research in neuroscience, comprehensive scientific coverage of each of these experiences, through its prevalence and etiology, phenomenology, aftereffects, any related psychopathology, theoretical explanations, and related clinical issues.
An integrative summary chapter is a new feature of this edition.
The book makes a compelling case for the inclusion of these marginalized and under-recognized experiences as not merely incidental, but essential to our understanding of human psychology.

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